Monday, October 26, 2015

Draw Dinovember

As we are nearing the end of October, I've been thinking more and more about the coming month of November.  Lots of cool stuff is going on next month.  I'll be at CTN Animation Expo on the 20th-22nd sharing a table with my Fiance.  Preparations for that are still underway.     

I've also begun to think about participating in a little something called Draw Dinovember.  Yes, the whole month of November is dedicated to drawing, painting, and sculpting my most favorite things,  Dinosaurs.

I'm not exactly sure where this all started.  After doing a some research my best guess is that it began with Refe and Susan Tuma and a tradition they started to spark their children's imaginations. They convinced their four kids that during the month of November their plastic dinosaur toys come to life at night and have adventures in their house.  In the morning their kids wake up to find these dinosaurs in different scenes and situations.  The dinosaurs tear up rooms, have tea parties, play games, interrogate other toys and generally make a mess of their house.  Each day is a new scenario.  The scenes they create are super creative and funny and a lot of them have been photographed.  You can find photos on their Facebook page or compiled in their books "What the Dinosaurs did Last Night" and "What the Dinosaurs did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure."

Last year I saw a few artists take this concept and run with it, creating dinosaur sketches, paintings, and sculptures throughout the month, calling it Draw Dinovember.  Unfortunately, I became aware of the whole thing too late to actually participate. I'd really like to take part in it this year.  I've started thinking about the dinosaurs I'd like to draw and there's still some scheduling issues to figure out, but I'm really excited for this.  I'd like to encourage other artists to join in next month.  Also if you have any suggestions for dinosaurs you'd like to see me draw, feel free to drop a comment.  

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